Calendar of Activities of Fresh Admission


S.No Month Event Completed /
Not Completed
1 Feb-17 Admission Notification & Registration for Class I and other classes as per the vacancies. Completed
2 Mar-17 Admission for Class –I Admissions w.e.f 23.03.2017 -  in progress
    Conduct of Home and CBSE Examination Completed
    Planning of calendar Activities for Next Session (Academic/CCA/Sports) etc Completed
    Preparation of panel for Contractual Appointment Completed
    Result Declaration Completed
3 Apr-17 Commencement of Academic Session 2017-18 1st April,2017
    Fee Collection (1 St Quarter) In process
    Admission Test for Class 9th  onwards N.A
    Stock Verification Completed
    Organisation of Annual Day Fixed on 29.04.2017 but due to suspension of classes, it is postponed.
    Preparation of Annual Accounts Completed
    Conduct of 1st VMC Meeting 1st VMC Meeting conducted on 28.04.2017 for the session 2017-18
    Evaluation of six week programme for Class I Started from 10.04.2017
    Planning of CCE for Classes II, and subject enrichment activities for Classes III to VIII Vidyalaya level back to basic programme is conducted for 3-days , teachers are made aware of the programme
    Issue of Library Books for Classes I to V Done
    Subject enrichment activities for Classes III to VIII Done
    Tarunotsav programme for Class X Conducted
    Registration for Scouts and Guides Completed
    Vidyalaya Budget preparation Completed
    Registration of S/G Units Completed
    Application for PM Shield Competition As per KVS instructions
4 May-17 Summer Vacation (50 days)  
    Planning for Maintenance and Repair Works for Building/Furniture  
    Deputing teachers for In-service Course  
    Registration for Admission of Class XI (After Board Results declaration)  
    Result Analysis for Class X and XII  
    Adventure Activities – Summer Vacation  
5 Jun-17 Display of Selection List of Class – XI Admission  
    Issue of Student Diary     
    Distribution of Vidyalaya calendar  
    Investiture Ceremony  
    Pratham Sopan/Pratham Charan for S&G,C&B  
6 Jul-17 Fee Collection for 2nd Term  
    Constitution of Students Council  
    Conduct of PTA Meeting.  
    Conduct of Plantation  
    Conducting school level social Science Exhibition  
    Publication of Vidyalaya Patrika  
    Subject enrichment activities for Classes III to V  
    CCE cycle for Classes I & II  
    Class magazine of Classes I to V  
    Monthly Test for Class XII  
    DWITIYA SOPAN/ Chathurtha Charan/ Heerak Pankh  
7 Aug-17 Inter House Sports Competition  
    Conduct of Periodical Test-1  - Classes III to VIII & IX to XI  
    Conduct of PTA Meeting  after FA-1 and UT Exams  
    Sports Activities Cluster and Regional Level  
    Regional Level Social Science & Science Exhibition  
    Investiture Ceremony for the Class Monitors & House Captains appointed by the School  
    Conduct of 1 st Medical Check up  of students  
    Submission of Annual Subscription of BS & G on enrolment  
    Independence Day Celebrations  
    Academic Panel Inspection  
    Subject enrichment activities for Classes III to VIII & CCE cycle for Classes I & II  
    Monthly Test for Class XII  
    Preparing Scouts& Guides for TRITIYA SOPAN  
    Sadbhavana diwas  
    PM Shield work for subject -1  
8 Sep-17 Celebration of Teacher’s Day  
    Preparation for Youth Parliament  
    Conduct of 2nd VMC Meeting  
    Conduct of Maths Olympiad  
    Prep for KVS National Sport Meet  
    Conduct of Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp for Scouts and guides/ Heerak Pankh and Chaturtha charan  
    1st News Letter  
    CBSE On Line Registration for Board Classes (Class IX,  X, XI, XII ) with submission of  Fee  
    Monthly Test for Class XII  
    Preparation for  Rashtrapati Testing  
9 Oct-17 Conduction of Half-yearly for Class III to VIII  
    Periodical Test/Mid-Term for Classes IX- XI  
    Monthly Test for Class XII  
    Fee Collection of 3rd Quarter  
    National Sport Meet  
    Conduct of PTA Meeting  
    Autumn Break  & Home Assignment for the  students.  
    TLM Exhibition  
    Subject enrichment activities for Classes III to VIII  
    Grand Parents Day  
    Celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi  
    PM Shield work for subject -1  
    Participation in Social Service Camp  
    Flag Day  
10 Nov-17 Conduct of 1st Pre-Board for Class XII   
    Coverage of Courses for Class XII  
    Subject enrichment activities for Classes III to V  
    Bal Divas  
    Vidyalaya Sports Meet / Day  
    National Intigration Day Celebration  
    Preparation for Cub&Bulbul Utsav  
11 Dec-17 Result Analysis of 1st Pre- board, conduct of remedial classes for Class XII / Monthly Test for Class XII  
    Conduct of PTA Meeting  
    Winter Break & Holiday’s Home work/Coaching Camp  
    Coaching Camp for Class XII students  
    Subject enrichment activities for Classes III to V  
    KVS Foundation Day  
    Community Lunch  
    Aids Awareness Rally  
    Pulse Polio Rally  
    PM Shield work for subject -1  
12 Jan-18 Conduct of 2nd Pre-Board for Class XII  
    Fee Collection for 4th Term  
    Result Analysis for Class XII (2nd Pre-Board)  
    Conduct of PTA Meeting to discuss the result of Class XII and other classes.  
    2nd Medical check up of Students  
    CMP Cluster Activities  
    Education Trip  
    Cub-Bulbul Utsav  
    Periodical Test2 for Classes III to VIII  
    Periodical Test 3 for Classes IX to XI  
    Safety Awareness Programme  
    Martyr’s Day  
13 Feb-18 Completion of Syllabus of Class I to X and XI  
    Conduct of CBSE Practical Examinations for Class XII  
    Annual Income Tax Returns  
    Marks for Class X uploading   
    Subject enrichment activities for Classes III to VIII  
    Jr. Science Exhibition  
    Thinking Day Celebrations  
    Submission of PM Sheild Log Books  
14 Mar-18 Conduct of Class XI Practical  
    Conduct of Board Exams of Class X/ XII  
    Conduct of Session Endinig Examinations III to VIII & IX - XI  
    Declaration of Results for Home Based Class I to IX and XI  
    Planning for the Next Academic Session In Academics, CCA and Sports  
    Preparation of  Panel for Contractual Appointments.  
      D V Sandhya