Co-curricular Activities

By Education you mean the all round development of child.
 Kendriya Vidyalaya stress on the all round development of the child through their Curricular and Co-curricular activities.
At the out set of the academic year all the students and teachers are divided house wise. Meticulous planning of activities, competitions are made to identify, nature and develop the inherent talents of the child. Inter house competitions are conducted both at the primary and secondary level. Inter school competitions are also taken up in various activities like Map quiz, Brain Bee quiz. Youth Parliament competitions etc.           
CCA COMPETITION  (Secondary & Senior Secondary)
1. Group Dance     2.House Meeting          3.Quiz competition       4.Hindi skit            5.Sanskrit Sloka
6. Solo Song          7. Drawing and Painting/Debate    8. English skit   9. Slogan writing  10. Hindi Extempore
11. Instrumental Music    12. English Debate  13. Elocution 
Bulletin Board Display Competition
1. World Health day (Environmental Protection)    2. Independence Day (Role of youth in National Development)
3. Hindi Divas         4. Annual Sports    5.  Science Day (My dreams of the next Millennium)
i- PRIMARY                     
Co Curricular activities started in the month of April with the house-wise distribution of students into four houses named after the four major rivers of our country namely
Cauvery house
Ganga house
Krishna house
Narmada house
Primary CCA started with Drawing Competition conducted in the month of April and English Calligraphy Competition was conducted after summer vacation .Results of both the competitions were announced and the prize winners were   given certificates by the honourable principal  Smt D.V.SANDHYA
Secondary CCA started with drawing competition.