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Minutes of the first VMC Meeting on 3rd August, 2016

The first VMC meeting was held on 03-08-2016 at 1200 hrs. in the Vidyalaya. The Chairman Air Cmde Hardeep Bains AVSM VSM, Air Officer Commanding, AFS Hakimpet Secunderabad-14 presided over the meeting.


The following members were present in the meeting.

Nominee of the Chairman                Gp Capt R S Singh

                                                            C Adm O,

Air Force Station, Hakimpet



Eminent Educationist                        Sqn Ldr Reena

                                                                        Education Office

                                                                        Air Force Station, Hakimpet,



Representative OF SC/ST                   Shri Tirki,

Asst. Commandant



Teacher Member                                Smt. A V Manjula

PGT (Eng), KV AFS Hakimpet,



Parent Member                                  Smt. Madhavi Lata

M/o Mast. Abhinav of Class X B


Parent Member                                  Sgt MZ Imam

F/o of Kashish of Class IV B


Member Secretary                              Smt. D V Sandhya


Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hakimpet,



The following members of the VMC could not attend the meeting as they expressed their in-ability owing to their personal problems.


Eminent Educationist                        Smt. I Anuradha


CRPF Public School,

Jawahar Nagar, Hakimpet,



Eminent Medical Doctor                   Wg Cdr Ashu Chandra

Senior Medical Officer,

Air Force Station, Hakimpet



Co Opted member                             Shri. Mustaba, AGE E & M

O/o GE (AF) Air Force Station,

Hakimpet, Secunderabad-500014


Technical Member                             Shri. R N Yadav

                                                                        Garrison Engineer (AF),

                                                                        Air Force Station, Hakimpet,



Eminent person of the area             Smt. K Srivani

know for outstanding work               (Kuchipudi and Karnataka Music)

             in the field of culture


Agenda Points:

  • Class X and XII CBSE Result Analysis for the year 2015-16.
  • Academic / Non-Academic activities for the 1st Term.
  • Budget Proposal for the year 2016-17.
  • Condemnation of unserviceable articles.
  • Development plan for the Vidyalaya 2016-17

·        Any other point with the consent of the Chairman



Smt. D V Sandhya Principal and Member Secretary welcomed the Hon’ble Air Cmde Hardeep Bains AVSM VSM, Air Officer Commanding, AFS Hakimpet and other members of Vidyalaya Management Committee.

The agenda items were thereafter taken up by the Principal and member secretary, with the permission of the Chairman VMC.


I.             Class X and XII CBSE Result Analysis for the year 2015-16.

 The Result Analysis of Class X and XII for the year 2015-16 was presented showing the toppers of Class XII Science and XII Commerce. The Vidyalaya achieved 100% result in Class XII and in Class X also. 31 students achieved 10 CGPA in Class X Board Exam.

 The Principal, Smt. D V Sandhya was awarded an appreciation trophy from the Honourable Deputy Commissioner, KVS (HR) Shri. D Manivannan for achieving 100% results in both Classes X and XII for the academic year 2015-16 for good team work.

 The Chairman appreciated the hard work of the teachers teaching Classes X and XII and congratulated the Principal and her staff for the excellent results for the year 2015-16.

 The Member Secretary Smt. D V Sandhya, Principal, KV AFS Hakimpet requested the Chairman to motivate and encourage the teachers for the excellent result by putting on record appreciation letters. The Chairman VMC said he would discuss with the C Adm O and do the needful.

 II.           Academic / Non-Academic activities for the 1st Term.

 As per the KVS guidelines the schedule of Academic and Non-Academic activities for the first term of the academic year 2016-17 were presented.

 In academic activities the 1. Completion of syllabus for all the classes for FA1, FA2 & SA-1 were taken up as per the KVS/CBSE guidelines, Conduction of FA-1 for classes I to X /Unit Test and Monthly tests for Class XI & XII. The first PTA meeting was conducted on 20.07.2016 for all classes to appraise the parents about the syllabus and pattern of examinations and working towards the excellence in performance of students.

 In the Non-Academic: House Distribution, Investiture Ceremony, CCA Competitions, Inter-House /Regional/National Sports Meet, Social Science / Science Exhibitions  and NCSC-2016, Celebration of Independence Day / Teachers’ Day to be taken up in the first term.


III.          Budget Proposal for the year 2016-17.


The Principal and Member Secretary Smt. D V Sandhya presented the VVN budget for the academic year 2016-17. Each item of the budget was taken up and it was followed by discussion and suggestions.


Under 1 sub head: The payment towards contractual teachers, coaches etc. has increased from earlier year (2015-16), the Chairman asked the Principal the reason for the increased amount.

            The Member Secretary clarified that 07 PRT vacancies and 04 TGT vacancies have not been filled up for the session 2016-17. In the previous year i.e. 2015-16 05 PRTs and 03 TGTs were there but this 02 PRTs & 01 TGT vacancies have been added due to transfer of teachers. Therefore contractual teachers have been appointed and the expenditure for payment has increased. She also requested the Chairman to forward and endorsed on the letter to Deputy Commissioner, KVS (HR) for filling up the vacancies. As more amount from the VVN is being diverted towards the payment of salaries and VVN was not sufficient for meeting expenditure under other heads.

            The Chairman was concerned about the diversion of VVN fund towards the salary of Adhoc teachers. He directed the Member Secretary to forward a letter regarding the posting of regular teachers and the burden of diversion of VVN funds. He assured the Principal that he would do the needful and forward the same with his remarks to KVS authorities, for the filling up of posts with regular teachers.


Under sub-head 2 & 3: The Chairman clarified whether the amount proposed was under both the heads.

            The Member Secretary clarified that the amount allocated under petty construction and repairs was calculated under one head or together.

 The Member Secretary appraised the Chairman and members that as per KVS proforma and heads the amount allocated for civil work on priority basis will be taken up i.e. complete renovation of Boys Toilet including sanitary fittings and tile work since the toilets repair work has not been taken up since 2000.

 She also appraised that the Chemistry Lab renovation, Computer Lab Tables, Arm-less Chairs, Class I table/Chair for students and Principal’s Chair were required and expenditure to be made depending on availability of funds.

 The Member Secretary informed the Chairman that the KVS has sanctioned 10 Interactive Boards for the Vidyalaya and the expenditure regarding the electrical fixtures will be meted out from sub-head 14. 

 The Member Secretary also clarified that if the expenditure exceeded the allocated amount for the respective heads then Post-Facto approval of Chairman VMC will be taken thereof.

             The VVN Budget for the academic year 2016-17 was approved by the Chairman and Members VMC

 IV.         Condemnation of unserviceable articles.


The Principal presented the unserviceable articles of four departments for condemnation under VVN with in the powers of VMC for an amount of Rs. two lakhs as per Article – 34 of revised KVS Education code.

a.     SUPW                    - Rs. 22950/-

b.    Biology                 - Rs. 6081/-

c.     Chemistry              - Rs. 4174/-

d.    Furniture               - Rs. 83648/-

e.     Jr. Science Lab      - Rs. 126.40/-

f.      Library                   - Rs. 37342.78

g.    Computer             - Rs. 45637/-


Total: 199959.18


            A total amount of Rs. 1, 99,959.18 (One Lakh Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Nine and Eighteen paisa only) was proposed for condemnation for the year 2016-17. The VMC approved the condemnation and requested the writing off the total amount of condemnation articles under the purview of Chairman VMC has been agreed by the Chairman.


V.           Development plan for the Vidyalaya 2016-17


The Member Secretary proposed

a.     Complete renovation of student Toilets , in a phased manner all the sanitary fittings, Tiling work, Drainage and other required changes to be made in boys two Toilets and Girls two Toilets. As the funds are not sufficient to take up the repair work at once, it is a need based requirement, since 2000 the replacement has not been carried out.

b.    Tiling work of the floor of the Chemistry lab with cemented slab/racks, as the Chemistry lab equipped with wooden table and the flouring has been badly damaged.

c.     Glass panes to be fixed for classrooms & Computer Labs wherever it has been broken.

d.     Construction of iron shed for water coolers and procurement of Water Coolers. To procure sanitary napkin Electric dispenser in girls toilet and grass cutting machine.

e.     Development of Play Ground and Basket Ball Court with water logging barricades to be made in certain areas.

f.      Carpeting of tar road approach to Vidyalaya from main gate to staff quarters through KVS HQ grants.

 The Chairman VMC approved the proposals presented by the Member Secretary. He asked the Member Secretary to take up the repair and construction work of the Basket Ball Court cautiously keeping in mind the weather condition

 The Member Secretary informed the Chairman that letter was given to MES for estimation for laying of tar road. The MES has not responded in spite of reminders and not given the estimations for the Carpeting of the Tar Road from the Main Gate to Staff Quarters of the Vidyalaya. As this estimation has not been received after repeated requests it has become difficult to forward the same to KVS Head Quarters.

The Chairman directed the Nominee Chairman to take up the issue of estimate for Carpeting of the Tar road from the MES and do the needful at the earliest.                 

 He also directed to the Member Secretary to take up Mock drills in the Vidyalaya under SOP due to fire, Natural Disaster or any other attack due to intruders once in three months under the supervision of Security Officer.

 The Member Secretary assured the Chairman that all co-operation will be extended and regular periodical exercises will be taken up for the Security of the children. She also clarified that the boundary wall of the Vidyalaya was raised by 07 feet and 02 feet with barbed wires and angles.

             The Chairman directed the Member Secretary regarding the filling up of puddles and asked her to get the Anti-Malarial Spray done in the Vidyalaya premises. He also requested her to take care of the Children, by not allowing them to play in the rain and hurt themselves.

             The Chairman clearly informed the Member Secretary that permanent passes for parents will not be issued due to security reasons.

           The Member Secretary thanked the Chairman and the other members for their valuable suggestions and for sparing their valuable time.

 As per the KVS norms the VEC committee is also constituted from the from the VMC Committee members, so as to carry out the smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya in regard to the Academics and financial matters (a copy of list of VEC members is enclosed).